Jeff Gordon asks what YOU want changed in NASCAR


I know that almost every race fan out there wishes NASCAR would change SOMETHING…..anything….from the way the current point system is, down to the rule of the restrictor plates.

If you haven’t heard the newest, latest and greatest change NASCAR has made to “please the fans” is that when the pits and garage area are COLD, race fans will now be allowed to wear shorts, open-toed shoes and sleeveless shirts. This was one change I wanted to see because going to the races in Florida –  it’s freakin’ hot & humid.

My new found friend Dwight Drum, journalist/photographer for,, Bleacher and FYI  WIRZ needs your NASCAR input.  I met Dwight at Homestead-Miami Speedway and he has asked me to forward the following to you:

In a question to Jeff Gordon in Homestead before the final 2010 race, Dwight said to Jeff, “NASCAR listens to fans. Fans have opinions about changes. What changes would you make to NASCAR?”  He said, “You tell me what fans say and I tell you if I agree.”

Okay fans.  So here’s your chance to tell Jeff Gordon what he wants to know.

What changes would you make to NASCAR?

Changes can be retro or going forward — that’s reversed or added.

What rules would you like changed, if any?

After collecting opinions I will create a list of changes that fans want and will forward Dwight.  Then the fan generated list of changes will be presented to Jeff Gordon during a press conference early next year, probably January before the season starts at Daytona International Speedway.

Please feel free to comment on this post, send me an email at, send email via Facebook, comment on my wall(s) or tweet me thru Twitter at

Gordon’s reaction will be the story that will go out to many Internet outlets.  Fans can remain anonymous, have their first name mentioned or have both names mentioned in these articles.  Request name mention, if desired.  That’s first come, first served. Obviously there will be duplication of opinions.

Now’s your chance to speak up race fans!!  You own this sport…. make it count.

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