Ryan Newman Foundation participates in reuniting soldier with dog from Afghanistan

The Ryan Newman Foundation has proudly helped in the aid to fly a dog home to be with his Soldier owner who lives 3,000 miles away. The assistance was prompted by an email regarding a dog saved by US soldiers in Afghanistan and the request for help with his transport home. The Ryan Newman Foundation immediately agreed to assist other animal groups and get the lonely boy from New York to his owner in Washington State.

Trigger, a 70 pound stray saved by US soldiers in Afghanistan, began his new life as an all-American dog in February after arriving at JFK Airport. Trigger’s new leash on life came courtesy of Guardians of Rescue, the group which provided the funds to bring him from Kabul to their rescue based in Port Jefferson, Long Island in New York.

Watch the video to get the full story on Trigger:

The homecoming is planned to take place early March. He will fly on a commercial jet, sitting in the cabin’s first class section waiting to see his dad again.

For more info on Trigger and his journey, visit for following links:



Source: Ryan Newman Foundation

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